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Default The Great BFTA End of Series PRIZE DRAW... are you in it??

I'm sure Kev has been working his socks off again this year to bring you all an end of season Prize Draw of epic proportions (as usual).

You need to have taken part in 4 GP's to be eligible, but you might still be eligible even if you haven't (find your name on this list to see what you need to do to have a chance of winning a prize).

Entered into BFTA Prize Draw
BFTA NumberName
1301Geoff Ames
81193Andrew Barnes
10518Sam Barr
447Clinton Bedding
21095Dean Burfoot
42424Martin Calpin
70003Ian Challis
50060Steve Chubb
50696Craig Corbett
20114Des Edwards
20800Simon Evans
42447Paul Gallagher
41847Philip Green
40061Steve Grimshaw
50593Jack Harris
20182Keith Hassall
60584James Head
21041Mark Henson
41975Simon Higgins
20097Phil James
21668Ian Jerram
50065Chris Keyworth
50678Brian Langford
42388David Lawrenson
60580John Martin
71303Barry McGraw
40816David Mitchell
834Glenn Newman
40046Jonathan Noon
20692James Osborne
41196Martin Owens
80997Andy Pearson
42381Karl Peters
21378Ian Phillips
880Stephen Privett
80240Nathan Reeve
41529David Robinson
42474Mark Rodgers
20166Kevin Sayers
40220Richard Shepherd
21181Shaun Shore
189Mike Spraggett
40149Mark Stenton
20577Ian Stoddart
20049Sue Swift
40053Ian Taylor
1385Joshua Vaughan
40940Tony Waistnage
1065Justin Wood
41986Neil Woodhead
40581Paul Yates
21632John Amos
20088Bobby Banks
40092Andy Calpin
80840Helen Carragher
71182Jason Cheeseman
50821Paul Davies
1302Anthony Elderfield
70031Dan Eley
70032Gordon Eley
50062Dorian Falconer
71296Harry Farrow
21413Andras Fekete-Moro
42380Graham Fleeman
60278Tony Fouracres
40072Ian Furness
42445Redvers Gallagher
21288Phil Gee
20533Andrew Gillott
20115James Griffiths
42034Neil Hague
60543Bill Hartnoll
21700Darren Hillier
42377Gavin Hopps
71275Graham Jopson
71200Gary Keogh
21373Steven Lloyd
60551Rob Meatyard
42271Andrew Monniez
60553Graham Noyce
1399David Page-Starr
40076Trevor Ryan
41052Brian Samson
10167Dave Schofield
10168Paula Schofield
21509John Sears
42414Peter Staddon
60383Jeremy Stamp
70051Tony Sultana
42383Peter Thorneycroft
60560Nick Walton
50244David Williams
59Mick Woodhead
50057Mark Bassett
60541Alan Burnham
21740Mark Burrows
80841David Clark
41972Zak Cooper
50613Jonathon Crocker
70145Dave Croucher
81226David Elvin
923Rob Farnworth
50110David Gage
42027Keith Gilyard
42404John Gray
448Geoff Hawes
60143Julian Head
1562Chris Hepworth
80958Philip Hollis
50149Ryan Hughes
50109John Johnston
42417Paul Mangham
71199David Purcell
60570Mark Shepherd
402Andrew Slade
60519Barry Smith
80726Tony Yerrell

Will be entered into BFTA Prize Draw - if they enter GP7 OR pay 5
BFTA NumberName
50900Yoeri Busse
71139John Chopping
80056Jerry Dowdall
81166Ben Dowdall
70121Colin Eaton
60554Rudi Gerlach
1666Tim Goodall
50641Peter Jacob
791Mick Kelly
71242Andy Mason
71255Leann Mason
21374Joanne Phipps
50032Gary Powell
1431Glenda Privett
21628Andy Purseglove
733Tim Roscoe
979Mark Stanley
1346Peter Terry
93Andrew Winch

Will be entered into BFTA Prize Draw - if they enter GP7 AND pay 5
BFTA NumberName
20478Mark Amos
50023Richard Beaugie
50526Derek Bendon
10895Mark Brameld
10813Clive Brookes
20460Mick Brown
30060Alan Chambers
40747Mick Chapman
10898Bob Evans
60581John Farbrother
10272Andy Finnigan
21311Simon Francis
10848Ammar Ghazi
10330George Heath
10589Christopher Hill
40390Matt Hirst
1515David Hollingdale
50851Dan Horrocks
50064Jackie Jacob
20176Chris Large
1544Stephen Lucas
50870Paul Maher
10885John Mayer
10123Bob O`Neill
70532Simon Pattle
30043David Penman
50871Stephen Sheldon
40091Russ Spencer
21567Jenny Taylor
70099Craig Todd
20885Darren Tomes
60532Andy Williams
10746Steve Wilson
10833Andy Wilson
21690Damien Wing
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