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Some great advice from all of you, many thanks so far.
He enjoyed the few hours we had at the club, Dan gave him some tips for the seated position with his left hand steading the forend from underneath at his knee, cheek piece had to go down a touch, which surprised me, & the butt pad up a tad as it was too low & almost under his armpit as he normally shoots prone.

Originally Posted by SteveC200 View Post
What id suggest is seeing as he doesnt have a scope that will range find ask if you can tag along with an experienced shot and ask them what the ranges are. If he can range targets himself by eye or bracketing thats great but if he cant then ask. Shooting at an unknown range target teaches nothing and will frustrate him. Concentrate on knocking targets over to start with, progress to ranging when youve got a scope capable of it.
That's a really good idea Steve, my ranging is pretty good now & my lad's is getting better the more he shoots now. What about if he laser ranges the target first then takes the shot, I understand that other members will help & call the ranges but this way we are not 'imposing' on other shooters (for now at least).

As we only shoot FT & HFT I guess a ranger that goes to 100 yards (ish) would do IF this sounds like a good idea ?

Originally Posted by Keith t View Post
Great to hear of young ones enjoying the sport and themselves.
For a smaller youngster, i would suggest not stressing too much with the standers. Positionals only account for about 20% of the shots and nearly half of those are kneelers, so concentrate on the sitting shots and make those count. Any standers are almost a bonus until he has grown into his setup.
There are various different positions for the 'sitting' shots. Let him experiment and find something that works for him. Has he tried the 'Dead mans position'? or the under the knee position? They work well for some although they look strange to many.
Most important is to practice, practice and then more practice. (as long as he still enjoys himself), the trigger time is the best way to improve those scores. Without a dedicated big focus scope for ranging, life will be a bit more tricky so he just needs to be reminded about this when he misses the odd few targets. Ranging is one of the big differences when compared to HFT, so get one of the experienced shooters to help him with the ranges and he will do fine.


Keith he did do mainly seated shots today but he insisted on doing the standing lanes as that's what the notice told him to, I did say it doesn't matter while you get used to the change but he said no I will do it properly :-), he plated both but better than a doughnut & he hates standers.

I shall Google those two positions Keith & see what's what, you never know until you look at all the options maybe he could be doing it another way that's more comfortable for him.

Kids really do struggle with distance estimating & I wish he would ask my advice more on the ranges before taking the shot then getting annoyed early on, being in the building game all my life I find general ranging of targets fairly easy & I try to teach my lad not to commit to one range, what I mean is rather than say it's 35 yards get him to think of it maybe between 32 yards to 37, seems to have made a bit of difference to him, rather than looking for a right answer like a maths question this seems to give him options if you get what I mean.

Thanks again guys for the info so far, it's going to come in very handy. I have seen guys who are terrible shots & even surprised they know which end is which on a rifle, whereas our son seems to have taken to it very well so far, having people behind him watching doesn't phase him & he likes to ask questions.....a lot of questions :-)

Anyway enough waffling on, gotta clean the kit reay for next week.

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