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Great to hear of young ones enjoying the sport and themselves.
For a smaller youngster, i would suggest not stressing too much with the standers. Positionals only account for about 20% of the shots and nearly half of those are kneelers, so concentrate on the sitting shots and make those count. Any standers are almost a bonus until he has grown into his setup.
There are various different positions for the 'sitting' shots. Let him experiment and find something that works for him. Has he tried the 'Dead mans position'? or the under the knee position? They work well for some although they look strange to many.
Most important is to practice, practice and then more practice. (as long as he still enjoys himself), the trigger time is the best way to improve those scores. Without a dedicated big focus scope for ranging, life will be a bit more tricky so he just needs to be reminded about this when he misses the odd few targets. Ranging is one of the big differences when compared to HFT, so get one of the experienced shooters to help him with the ranges and he will do fine.



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Afternoon all,

Thought it may be a good idea to ask for any pointers for our son, aged 11, who I am taking to Kent Woodsmen tomorrow for a look around the club & having a go at FT instead of HFT for a change.

He is still getting used to & growing into his rifle, an S400 custom adjustable stock, he has made real progress at Iden Ferns & his HFT scores are pretty good for his size, age.

He likes doing the seated position but not so much standers, so I have bought him a shooting cushion & trying to encourage him to find his own comfortable way of shooting.

Is this best or should the positions be more or less the same for most people ?

The rifle is quite a weight for him to hold on free standers for any length of time but he is getting better, any advice on a way to help him on these at all or is it just a case of keep trying ?

I try & make the time we spend together shooting as fun as possible & he's very safety conscious but sometimes it really gets him down as he feels he should be able to achieve more than he is, we all know the simpler shots are the ones most missed (to a degree) & this does get to him sometimes & I try to teach him not to get discouraged & take that feeling to the next lane, treat each shot as fun as it were.

Anything I am doing wrong here or even advice on me teaching my son would be really appreciated as the lad really enjoys the sport in general.

Meant to add although he does not have a high mag scope just yet he does use a Hawke Airmax 30 SF & shoots using his Mil Dots, he understands hold-over / under etc.
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