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Default High mag

Originally Posted by Emma View Post
these guys have said everything I was thinking... but more eloquently
I'm a newbie (9 months) so I can only say what I have found works... no science or anything

In this hot weather I'm shooting minus my coat, for the first time... even with my naturally really low blood pressure I'm needing to practice dealing with my heart beat. Mine is from the butt hook.
As RobF said, I find the rythym of the bounce, and time the shot as the bounce points the crosshairs where I want them.
To do this I relax so the 50 mag is roughly on the target by position before I aim.
I do use a knee pad too, I have the habit of holding my knee below the pad, rather than the hamster of my rifle. This steadies my leg and prevents issues holding the gun too tightly.
Another novice error is to try and make the target as big as possible , try a few shots on 25 mag !!!
Removing your coat will give you very close contact with the butt of the rifle ,so your heart beat will appear to be increased.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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