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Default heart pounding a nightmare

hi all, I,m just after some advice really,

ok I,ve been shooting the nwfta gp,s and have to say its been a great learning curve into the sport with some really helpful people I,ve met along the way, now I,ve always been into fitness all my life until I retired from my sport, but have always kept myself fit and now at the tender age of 52 have fell in love with FT, it keeps me busy after work and at the weekends practicing BUT over the past couple of weeks I have noticed on my sitting shots that it takes me about 10 lanes to settle my heart beat down by which time the damage to my score has been done,
I find when range finding and shooting the first couple of lanes my heartbeat is making my bloody scope bounce up and down, the crosshairs are not moving left to right just up and down to the beat of my heart, now I don't normally suffer from being nervous but on the comps do seem to feel a bit tense due to being eager to get going,
since noticing this is happening it seems to have gotten worse or is this just me noticing it more ??
I range find on 50mag then shoot on 35mag so to try and stop this I started changing my breathing, nice deep breath then release, hold and pull the trigger if I,m not ready then breath again and release and pull the trigger, now believe me I,ve watched everything on the net to try and compensate this up and down to the heartbeat but NOTHING has helped so far,
I then decided to buy a glove and this might sound daft but it has made no difference at all the pulse seems to be in my knee when sitting down,,, yes it seems to be everywhere bump bump,,,,,,bump bump,,,,,bump bump,,,,you get where I,m coming from,,,,
now is this due to the way I,m set up or is it just something I,m going to have to just get on with,, I have asked some people and they sometimes get the same but not as severe, its cracking me up because the more conscious about it I am the worse it gets,,
now after say 10 lanes it totally calms down and I start to shoot well,, how can I go about sorting this out ( no ganja please)lol, also could it be I,m gripping the rifle to hard ??, I just don't know , or should I get something to stick on my knee to try and absorb this pulse ?? I,m at my wits end what to do,,by the way when practicing I still get it but no-where near as bad,
when looking through the scope its very steady then the rifle bumps to my heartbeat,,it really is a pain and I didn,t suffer from nerves in my previous sport which was a high octane contact sport

any advice on what to try and do to sort this out would truly be appreciated

many thanks all

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