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A grade and staying there
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Default Last post on the matter, Springers are mad anyway

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Why would I be an A grader?

He would have his regional results. That would make his regional grade. If he did a national then we'd be in exactly the same situation as we are now anyway, except we'd have a bank of regional results to make a judgement against.
And if regional scores are seperated then the regions can make up their own boundaries to do the same. It would also stop ringing (if that happens) as people wouldn't know the target grade to get under for the end of season.
Please dont think i am picking on you, but with the Bfta only results, your on 82%. There are a number of other top AA shooters that would also fall a grade or be 1 poor result from being A Grade, same as there are A - b, b - c.
As I said, I will include in my report for the Agm the reason why BFTA "only" does not work, I have been monitoring it now for 2 years.
It only takes one to be in the perceived wrong grade and there is pages and pages of cr ap followed by hours of more cr ap at agm! God knows its been hard enough to improve things over the last 4 years!

I don't know Mr.Turner, but I do know in the past 3 years I have only been sent 4 results for him, 3 of which have been recorded as Pcp, 2 of which will be deleted in September as being o.o.d. That is one of the pitfalls of Bfta only, shooters who do not shoot many comps a year.

Your idea of regional only wont stop ringing.
I have had a fairly poor Gp season and potentially have 3 more Bfta results this season. If I average 73% at those events I am Bfta A grade next Summer. So it matters not how well I improve (or not) over the winter, I`m A grade 2017.
I`m not a fan of electing to upgrade, generally your result is a reflection on how well you have shot not how ell you think you shoot. Besides, its only takes one "not" to elect to upgrade!

Over and Sprout as the saying once went
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