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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
That does not work either Rob, he would have no results!

Same for most others who don't do enough Bfta shoots to get an up to date and accurate average.
(I will be including some stats on this in the Agm report)

If we changed to Bfta only we would have to move the % barriers again, it would be far easier to throw a score and ring and generally more people would be saying he or she is in the wrong Grade?
Are you really an A grader ??
Why would I be an A grader? Unless you move the grade boundary to 90% i'm well in. Unless you're going to mix piston back in with PCP which I think is a massive step backward.

He would have his regional results. That would make his regional grade. If he did a national then we'd be in exactly the same situation as we are now anyway, except we'd have a bank of regional results to make a judgement against.

Moving the boundaries isn't an issue. If they need moving, move them. Ideally we should be looking for an equal amount of people in the GP series. And if regional scores are seperated then the regions can make up their own boundaries to do the same. It would also stop ringing (if that happens) as people wouldn't know the target grade to get under for the end of season.
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