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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post
To Make courses more difficult to prevent the top few percent of AA grade clearing or near clearing courses would really punish the normal shooters to the point where gp's become a small comp for the FT elite.

Shoots need support from all grades to make the comps viable, if courses were altered to prevent the best shooters from clearing, normal shooters would get their ***** handed to them comp after comp, nobody travels thousands of miles per year for that.

If a good shooter clears a course, that's brilliant, they should be congratulated for keeping it together and beating the course. Its not a reason to punish all the other shooters.
Most of us on the thread are joking about this Dave The course's this year have been some of the best and most balanced I've shoot and the fact that only (I think) 4 GP's have ever been cleared suggests we've got some way to go before we need to make them any harder.
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