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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
To summarise that - have a look at the results for GP3 and GP4 and answer this question for me :
Do you think that a score of 43 at GP3 is the equivalent of a score of 34 at GP4 ?

It's not the fairest system, but because the number of Piston shooters is still very small, the chances of the opposite anomaly happening are far greater
Wales throws up other anomalies because it was a different thing PM Steve's score is 9 behind the highest of that session. So in relative tems, yes, kinda. 9 off the top in a tough session is the same as 7 off the top in an easier one. We know tough days stretch the scores apart.

The example of just one shooter turning up is flawed. Yes on a day they'd get 100%. But by the current method they could also have a score that doesn't count at all. Or try it this way. They beat 20 other spring gun shooters, but still dont get a score.

I'm not sure what the opposite would be, someone winning the grade on the day with a score they don't drop? That doesn't sound like an anomly to me. Remember steve didn't have that bad a day, he was still best springer shooter on the day. Everyone else had a worse day. Should their scores count for more then?
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