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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think it's important to remember what Steve's original question is as we all digress.

If springers arn't graded the same as PCPs why don't they have their own scoring like the open class has
There are two questions in one there, even though it seems like one

The 2nd question is - why do Open class have their own scoring system. The answer to that is, because they shoot a different course to everyone else (they have an additional 10 gimmes on their course). So it wouldn't be fair to include Open shooters in the same percentage system.

To answer the other question - which is Why don't Piston class have their own percentage system :
  1. It's been that way historically for a long time
  2. It's done that way to be consistent with how regional and international events are scored
  3. The reason for a percentage is not for inclusion in a grading system, it's a benchmark of the overall course difficulty.
  4. Although numbers are growing in Piston Category, the numbers are still a little too small to give a fair sample size to use as a benchmark for course difficulty.

So to illustrate that last point. Suppose just one Piston shooter turns up for an event - do you think it's fair that regardless of how badly they shoot, they still earn 100% towards a league score?

I'm assuming your answer to that is going to be - obviously no, it isn't.

So then the next question is - how many shooters does it take before it becomes a fair sample to use as a benchmark? 2, 3, 50 ?

Lets look at some actual numbers to illustrate that point as well.

So for example, one of the events that Steve is highlighting is GP4 Wales - Steve put in a 34 which was the top springer score for the day. A score of 34 would have put in overall around joint 56th on the day and it wouldn't have been a high enough score to win B grade or C grade for that matter.

So although he scored better than the other Piston shooters - what happened was that all the springer shooters from the small number that entered all had a bad day, Steve also had a bad day too, just a less bad day than the others.

Now compare that to one of the scores he isn't dropping - Tawd Vale GP3 - Steve put in a 43 that day which would have beaten every B and C grade shooter and put him in 2nd place in A grade.

Suppose those two results weren't Steve's... Do you think it is fair that a score that would beat every B and C grade shooter and put you in 2nd place in A grade deserves the same score on a league table as a score that would have put you 56th overall and wouldn't have taken B and C grade?

That's effectively what you're arguing - that those two results deserve the same 100%, when clearly one of them was a significantly better performance than the other.

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