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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
That would have a negative impact on attendances Rob.

For example, I had a gun failure at GP5 and couldn't continue shooting - my gun wouldn't physically cock anymore. That's a pain, but not a complete disaster because I know I can drop 2 scores so I can recover from a gun failure at an event.

Consider the situation where I'm not allowed to drop a score? - that would now mean that with a gun failure there's no way I can come back from that - would I have bothered to drive all the way down to Devon for GP6? Or would I have as much incentive to get out of bed when it's blowing a gale and p'ing it down with rain for another GP? Probably not.

The result would be, that if through no fault of my own something happens that means I can't make an event - there's no real point in shooting the rest of them.
May do. May not. Only 1/2 the field actually will have done enough shoots to count even if they do the final shoot. For those that are chasing the series it might actually be an incentive to travel to the furthest shoots rather than skip them. It would perhaps reward those that don't have failures, like passing the chrono for instance, meaning more attention is paid to those aspects.

The few that couldn't complete a course could be outweighed by those that do have to for their position.

For what it's worth though I don't think that many actually chase a position that hard... the scottish GP's showed that, many just turn up, eat, shoot and leave.

Pros and cons either way. Just I think this is an anomly not foreseen, where a win on the day is discarded.
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