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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
27 was eagle, 35mm kill 43 yards
28 was tree shark 35mm kill 42 Yards
29 was pony 35mm kill 45 yards

BTW, for those that bracket from the hinge to centre of might struggle with some of my Targets.

I've got the ranges of the targets and kill sizes in my car so can post the full list later.
That Pony nearly caught me out as I got a shock how much blur was on it when I looked through the scope, thought it was 40 max by eye.
The Eagle stuffed me, I gave it 42-45yards distance and the wind pushed my pellet down 30mm at least and Daz Taylor got the same. Strange how the wind swirls in that ride.

At least half of the targets I was aiming on the edge or off the kill. With that Gorilla target I was well out of the kill, I presume that was almost full distance.

I'm going around the course on Tuesday morning with our Jamie as it is doing her head in as well!!

Really enjoyed the day and it was nice to shoot with people of all levels from other regions.
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