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Message from ktellis - 'Fun morning's shooting, if a little too hot and sticky at times! Great to see Mark back on his feet - the break obviously did him & Kathy good with excellent scores. Thanks to John F for being my shootijng 'buddy' - his calm demeanour helped my concentration and I'm thrilled about achieving my new pb! (might have been 51 but think I got a bit excited about hitting 50 and plated my last shot!). Getting 5 out of 6 positionals helped too - some thanks must go to all you friendly lot who are happy to give snippets of advice to us amateurs, including top tips from Gordon Burns on my kneelers during the previous round of Kibby, and to Elliott C for the closing/opening your eye before pulling the trigger to check you're lined up correctly. Range-finding still remains a complete mystery on some pegs though.......and don;t get me started on wind!'

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