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Thumbs up Mini Inter Regional HFT 24/7/16

Thanks to the crew at Emley Moor for hosting and laying on a really good course for the Mini HFT Inter Regional Competition.
Thanks also to Sharon (and other half!) for keeping us all fed and watered.
....and not forgetting, thanks to all the participating shooters, banter and general atmosphere today was spot on and makes the effort worth while.

Class Winners:

1. James McLachlan
2. Mark Wilson
3. Dave ramshead

1. Theresa Reed

1. Nick Yates

1. Simon Howarth

1. Jacob Pantling

Regional Teams:
1. NW Gauntlet
3. NEFTA Hunters

Winning team medals awarded to:
James McLachlan
Mark Wilson
Dave Ramshead
Dave Taylor
Daz Taylor
Lee Meadows
Gav Jones
Andy Wilson
Ian Roberts
Bill Jones
Mark Kirby
Don Edge
Jim Harney
Nige Jones
Sam Oultram
Steve Wild
Dave Benyon
Mariusz Wisniewski
Melissa Rowland
Rhian Jones

Overall Scores:
James McLachlan NW Gauntlet 58 Countback
Mark Wilson NW Gauntlet 58 Countback
Dave Ramshead NW Gauntlet 57 Countback
Dave Taylor NW Gauntlet 57 Countback
Chris Cundey NEFTA Hunter 56
Daz Taylor NW Gauntlet 56
Elliott Compton DMHS 56
Harry Compton DMHS 56
Lee Meadows NW Gauntlet 56
Dean Corfield NEFTA Hunter 55
Gav Jones NW Gauntlet 55
Andy Wilson NW Gauntlet 54
Ian Roberts NW Gauntlet 54
Mark Crossland NEFTA Hunter 54
Pete Dutton DMHS 54
Bill Jones NW Gauntlet 53
Elliott Reed DMHS 53
Ian Millward DMHS 53
Mark Kirby NW Gauntlet 53
Mick Mctighe DMHS 53
Nick Yates DMHS 53
Chris Pantling DMHS 52
Don Edge NW Gauntlet 52
Jim Harney NW Gauntlet 52
Nige Jones NW Gauntlet 52
Sam Oultram NW Gauntlet 52
Steve Handby DMHS 52
Steve Wild NW Gauntlet 52
Theresa Reed DMHS 52
Chris Guy NEFTA Hunter 51
Dave Benyon NW Gauntlet 51
Dave Brayford DMHS 51
David "dogger" Smith NEFTA Hunter 51
Kev Gaunt DMHS 51
Mariusz Wisniewski NW Gauntlet 51
Matt Furlong DMHS 51
Melissa Rowland NW Gauntlet 51
Mick Fern NEFTA Hunter 51
Steve Cartledge DMHS 51
Chris Asquith NEFTA Hunter 50
Glen Walsh NEFTA Hunter 50
Jamie Jackson NEFTA Hunter 50
Rhian Jones NW Gauntlet 50
Dave Tomlinson NEFTA Hunter 49
Jacob Pantling DMHS 49
Mark Millward NW Gauntlet 49
Nigel Oram NEFTA Hunter 49
Simon Howarth DMHS 49
Wayne Marriott DMHS 49
Andy Stevenson NW Gauntlet 48
Brian Heaps NW Gauntlet 48
Casey Handby DMHS 48
Clive Evans DMHS 48
Ewan Pantling DMHS 48
Andy Dickson DMHS 47
Joff Haigh DMHS 47
Liam Todd NEFTA Hunter 47
Matt Brooks NW Gauntlet 47
Michal Kurdybelski NEFTA Hunter 47
Michele Parsons DMHS 47
Steve Oultram NW Gauntlet 47
Bri Shepherd NEFTA Hunter 46
Chris Roberts NW Gauntlet 46
Dave Smith DMHS 46
David Stephenson NW Gauntlet 46
John Sawrey NW Gauntlet 46
Sarah Pantling DMHS 46
Greg Hensman DMHS 45
Jamie Corfield NEFTA Hunter 45
Tommy Russel NW Gauntlet 45
Trevor Ryan NEFTA Hunter 45
Simon Gibson NW Gauntlet 44
Steve Watson DMHS 44
Alison Brooks NEFTA Hunter 43
David Nicholls DMHS 43
Julie Stonehouse NEFTA Hunter 43
Shirley Brayford DMHS 43
Lee ellis NEFTA Hunter 41
Paul Yates NEFTA Hunter 41
Ethan Pantling DMHS 39
Tom O Brien NEFTA Hunter 39
Bernard Todd NEFTA Hunter 37
Piotr Jakubowicz NEFTA Hunter 37
Jack Rowland NW Gauntlet 36
John Harper NEFTA Hunter 36
Dave Gallagher NEFTA Hunter 34
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