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Default Mad double header. Important info

Well the courses are finished for Saturday and Sunday, not sure which way round we will shoot them, ill have a look at wind conditions on the day and then decide. Either way its 2 brutally easy courses so not much to choose from.
So whats going on then?

Wednesday is our regular evening shoot. Everyone is welcome to come and get some "home ground advantage" in anticipation of the forthcoming event. 8 non members 4 members, kids free.

Thursday will see absolutely nothing happening but if you want to come and plink and watch me run around like a head with no chicken then feel free. 10 all day, kids free.

Friday evening there will be a mini comp in the meadow. Normally this is a winner takes all fun jobbie but this year its 2 a go with McMillan cancer getting all the dosh. Whilst were on the subject of charitable stuff we will also be charging 1 a man for camping this year and the money from this will also be given to McMillan. Chazzer Edmondson will be taking the cash as its her thats doing the fundraising over the weekend. Please note that the camping and Friday fun shoot prices are the minimum you must pay but we expect more and definitely wont be giving change back. Chazzer is also having her head shaved for the same cause and expects you to dig deep. She also said to me that if the head shave goes well then for 2000 she will allow someone to shave her cat!

Friday night. Barbecue, beer, mayhem.

Saturday. Round 4 UKAHFT. Sideshoots and as far as im aware a have a go with a newly released Daystate gun.

Saturday night. See above.

Sunday Round 5 UKAHFT and other stuff i reckon.

Thats all for now but if anything else crops up ill post it here.

Oh just a couple of things. Clear up after yourselves and TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME, I dont want to be going to the tip all day Monday, ill have enough to do at the club.

Please dont have barbecues while the catering ladies are there, its pretty bl00dy rude.

Cheers. Rich.




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