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Michael is the importer and only stockists of the TM1000 as far as I know.

I have owned both and found the FTP a little too heavy for me and quite pellet fussy. That said, the guy I sold it to has done very well with it, but I did free float the barrel and fit a much lighter muzzle brake. There are a few coming up s/h now, and at good prices.

I have a walnut stocked TM1000 which makes it quite a bit lighter at around 9.5lbs bare. The TM is not as sophisticated feeling as the FTP, but it is built like a tank, easily serviced and adjusted and seems to shoot just about any pellet, although it is much better with some than others. S/h they are a bit few and far between, but you could try a wanted ad.

In comparison, the TM is lighter and an easy rifle to live with, the FTP has the better trigger out of the box but has quite a weight penalty in standard form. The TM stock does need a hamster and the FTP has a massive degree of stock adjustability.

Both will do the job just fine and the FTP teething problems are now long gone.
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