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Default What a rip off !!!

Feck me...., 8 for FIVE doughnuts!!! What a rip off, and they weren't even proper Krispy Kream tasty ones, just those that cost you 2 points and really leave a bad taste in your mouth! The greedy bustard with me took 9 !

If you love HFT and often day-dream about a course that is set out with a real enthusiasm, by course setters who make sure everything is 'just-so' , with traps carefully planned, obstacles not just laid down, but carefully placed in order to catch you out if you make just one error, where even the grass is cut properly for the shoot...and each shooting pair is provided with a score 'board' with a pen attached to it (for keeping tabs on your doughnutting) then day dream no-more. Take a drive to Lincs and marvel at how such a small space can be used so brilliantly. This is a great little comp and if you have ever taken a long drive to a shoot, and then felt you need not have bothered then take a drive, however long it may be, to LINCS HFT. Superb, I was in for a comfortable 41..before I took THREE DOUGHNUTS IN A ROW!!! I have various excuses but will not bore you with them. Thanks Lincs. HFT at it's very best, and very hardest. (with a plinking range WITH pegs and distances on the targets......)
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