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Ok ,got an hour to play with it this afternoon.

Emptied it of air.
Unscrewed the cylinder
Where's the reg??? Still inside the cylinder..... I had to use a long m3 bolt to pull it out the cylinder, the reg is seperate from the housing that fixes it to the action.
Very easy to up the reg pressure to 110. Unscrew the end a smidge just past the 110ark and back down onto remove backlash in the thread.
Once fitted the difference was immediately noticeable.
The firing cycle was quieter. And less pingy.
I had to back off the hammer about 2.5 turns .
It was abit of a faf to get it where I wanted it.but iam not hugely competent in this stuff yet.
Anyhow I've got it roughly where I want it.
Using the same pellets as yesterday the increased reg pressure has reduced the muzzle flip substatially. And pulled the groups in tight too.

It feels a different gun today!
So far so good.
Fancy a custom stock? Drop me a line.
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