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Originally Posted by Steve Hebby View Post
Hurry up then pal you know me You can certainly borrow it if you want to do some testing at that range of yours.
Before you sell it, if I could borrow it for a day (when it's not too windy) I can get a 55 yard BC reading for it - assuming I trust that ST barrel not to hit my downrange chrono

Unfortunately, the ProDigital chrono I use for downrange testing doesn't work under the lights in the range, although I could probably rig up a steel plate with a 40mm hole to sit in front of my Polish Chrono at the range.. that would be fairly safe, if I do it when we're not open to the public.

btw - I've got that Pistol grip for the SMK sitting around waiting until I see you next ( assuming you haven't sold it already )
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