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Originally Posted by hoofy View Post
hey up just thought id say hey am mark from tesside (not many clubs up here) just starting to look into getting into ft and hft but struggling with lack of clubs locally

I own
1970 relum tornado (plinkering)
1995 aa tx200 (project am restoring at mo but works well)
2016 weihrauch hw99s
all are .22 but looking to get a 177 and a 177 pcp

soo hey guys n girls if you know a club up in north east let me know
Hi Mate and welcome. Since the closure of Thorn Dell there's not much in your area i'm afraid. DRAFT is gone and i don't know about Woodview but i suspect they may be a rimmie/pistol club. We've just had a couple of lads from your area ask about joining our club so that just shows how lean it is in the NE. If you fancy a drive then you're more than welcome to drive down to Emley for a brew and a mooch around our HFT and FT courses.
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