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Today my barrel arrived back immaculately trimmed down.
Along with a lighter more refined collar to sit in the breech.
Set about putting it all back together.
It was immediately obvious that the weight feels significantly less and in this stock with the heavy cheek posts ,very much rear biased.
I took it up the workshop to set the power etc.
The reg came preset at 95 bar.
So hoped it would just be a case of tweek the hammer spring to bringnit up a tad.
After a frustrating period with the chrono giving some very erratic figures. Some very low.some very high! I had to consult my tame gunsmith. Apparently it doesn't have the air capacity to make the savagely high figures I was it had to be the combro.......
With the short barrel it was presumably seeing the air blast or something.
Luckily I have a silencer so popped that on and jobs a good un.
I had to short fill as the dive bottle is getting low but was getting an spread of 11 fps over 45 shots. So not bad considering unweighted pellets etc.
The slight downside for me is that I have run out of preload on the hammer! So I will have to get some time on the lathe to trim a few bits up.

I did get a quick chance to throw some pellets down the range, it pulled some average groups with some of my favoured jsb 8.4s (fx branded)
So will obviously need some pellet testing
There's definately some muzzle flip. Not a huge amount and swapping from the rowan stripper to an mpr one halfed it in an instant

Importantly it feels great too hold,too point, and manoeuvre. Certainly the compromises seem worth the hassle.
At the moment.
Fancy a custom stock? Drop me a line.
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