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Originally Posted by airarmstommy View Post
It is a beautiful rifle and I was wondering, is it any good for HFT?
The answer to your question is basically, YES.

I managed to buy one of the first when they were released, yes it did have an initial problem with an air leak which was sorted and not had a problem since. I even bought a second one as a spare just in case and I've never had to use it due to the other failing.

I agree with previous messages that removing the shroud, stripper etc from the front may be nessessary as it can be abit front heavy. I've done it to both of mine, bought carbon fibre tubes off eBay (14-16mm & 16-18mm) for shrouds and replaced the strippers and they are superbly accurate. Other than that I've not touched it internally. I compete every week in HFT and it's never let me down, I let it down mostly.

You have the choice of many rifles on the market and you will personalise it so it fits you. We all do it, changing hamsters, butt hooks, scopes even stocks of different colours, materials and lengths. But the FTP for me has a huge amount of adjustability and apart from the front end I've changed nothing.
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