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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Try non-caffeinated drinks on a shoot morning. Switching to decaf coffee bought me 2-3 points per shoot, but on non-shoot days I normally drink a *lot* of coffee!

Also optimise your position so you're using the absolute minimum muscle power to maintain a steady aim = "natural point of aim". A trick is to get on target then close your eyes and consciously relax for a few seconds, then open your eyes again and see where you're aiming.

I find supported standers/kneelers too unstable laterally, and 4 times out of 5 will shoot better unsupported as I've got more control of the position.
Agree with the above apart from decaff which I dont touch due to info received from a coffee packaging employee, who told me that the chemicals they use to decaff are scary unless you buy the very very expensive stuff, which is done more naturally. I cant stand instant coffee anyway, but do drink a bit of tea.

Certainly food makes a difference. I hit all of my positionals on Sunday so I am getting better. I didnt eat properly that morning and was shaking slightly, so I must have just wobbled in the right places.

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