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Originally Posted by countorik View Post
I'm after some advice with regards to springers, tx 200 in particular.
1st, what type of lubrication ( grease, oil etc) is the best to use on the spring, piston and cylinder bore.
2nd, where is the best place to by spare seals, 'o' rings etc for a tx200.
Thanks for reading.
I went down this route about 6 months ago, and tbh depends on what internals you end up testing and seeing if they suit you, I have tried nick g and dave price on the advice of another , both lovely and different , made a few mods on piston sleeving , only as I was on a mega fettle fettish at the time , anyhoo, your lube q, s will probably depend on this, it aint all in the twang
read all you can on all forums by tinbum , nick g , sakesan and others who are sooooo obviously into this and explore the avenue for yourself , theres more than a mountain of stuff out there ,I hope you enjoy it as much as I have , looking forward to t whft worlds in recoli 2017 if all goes well and I dont get addicted to the new element in the periodic table Welhamunobtanium 900 , all good fun ,
my TX 200 cs1000 stocks turning up tuesday , cant wait

FTP900 MTC connect,Welhamanium internals -sorted
HFT500, ACZ stock MTC connect
TX200 Mk3 CS1000 stock, hawke vantage sf , Nick G internals
Steyr ?, maybe , they cant all be wrong?

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