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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
The whole pre-booking system is pants anyway Ian...did you manage to make all the GP's last year?
Yep, made all of them, and had a very enjoyable season.

Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Maybe you and i could make an agreement to send each other an email 6 weeks before each shoot as a reminder
That wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Originally Posted by loopyloo View Post
The bookings are not easy to manage its reliant on someone to not only take this booking but sort the lane and e.mail back to say booking confirmed. Which sounds dead easy but we are talking of busy people like yourselves doing the job as a favour.
And I for one appreciate all you guys do for us. Without the work of the BFTA Committee, regional and club volunteers we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our sport.

Originally Posted by loopyloo View Post
So this calls for the shooters to make a comment to the regional rep to bring to the meeting so the ideas get discussed not just talk amongst yourselves.
Agreed, but gauging opinion and gaining a reasonable consensus is also sensible before bombarding the reps…. I wasn’t ‘poking the hornets nest’ just asking why things had changed as there isn’t any clear information posted on the BFTA website. This seems to be the right place as my question seems to have ben answered!

Originally Posted by Robf View Post
I'll see if I can put the pre-booking openings in the calendar, and then you can request an event reminder and the board will send you an email.

Hows that for service?
Spot on thanks Rob.
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