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Unfortunately Chris, the BFTA were in that position because they were put in it by shooters not turning up and the message that they weren't going to didn't get out to whereever it needed to.

I know, I had one shooter travelling with me that I put on the waiting list weeks before the shoot, and he only just got in. We drove him up for the AM session especially, because there were no PM session spaces, and voila, there were spaces in the PM session due to drop outs... I didn't want to risk him being able to shoot PM either.

I would like to see a deposit for pre-booking, perhaps the whole lot, but as loopy says, it opens a whole new can of worms... + there's paypal or CC charges to absorb somewhere.

I'll see if I can put the pre-booking openings in the calendar, and then you can request an event reminder and the board will send you an email.

Hows that for service?
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