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my two penith worth

The bookings are not easy to manage its reliant on someone to not only take this booking but sort the lane and e.mail back to say booking confirmed. Which sounds dead easy but we are talking of busy people like yourselves doing the job as a favour.

( I cant even get a club to answer to if they have insurance or pay on time)

The BFTA are trying to play a happy medium. People pre booked the whole season and because no one ended up letting them know the details as they had booked 3-4 months in advance and the club hadnt actually got round to finding someone to do this task the bookings sat on the BFTA web. Which then led to people booking again causing the club even more hassle.

Now taking payments in front that is another mine field that no-one wants to take on. Who wants to look after the logistics of money and possibly organising refunds or whether someone has or hasnt paid. Also if you dont turn up because there was a family emergency whom gets to decide whether you get your money back or not. One bad decision and the BFTA will get bad press again.

What about the many people whom actually dont use the internet in the first place.(Yes there are still quite a few)

If you turn up at a shoot you are guaranteed to shoot the pre booking was to help get alot of the things sorted pre shoot.

There seems to be a for and against whatever is decided. The BFTA are trying this way and if it calls for a change im sure for next year they will try another idea. So this calls for the shooters to make a comment to the regional rep to bring to the meeting so the ideas get discussed not just talk amongst yourselves.

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