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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
The whole pre-booking system is pants anyway Ian...did you manage to make all the GP's last year?

I wanted to shoot a few last year but was told i would have to risk a 4 hour round trip to find out whether i could shoot or not...ridiculous!!

This year i'm booking them all despite knowing that, due to work constraints, i might only make 50%....sounds harsh but that's the system the BFTA have decided on and i'd rather book over the top than risk missing out.

I think they should allow people to book for the whole series but then take a deposit, say 50% of the round cost...then if people can't make it they are more likely to say so before the shoot instead of not just turning up on the day. A window of say, 2 weeks before the shoot, any later and you forfeit your deposit.

Maybe you and i could make an agreement to send each other an email 6 weeks before each shoot as a reminder
To be honest Chris it's a no win situation whatever the BFTA do.

If they took a 50% booking fee do you think it would stop people cancelling for the sake of 5, what tended to happen under the old system is people are very keen at the start of the season & book the lot, as the season progresses they might have other commitments or not be shooting that well so they start to drop out. I know I did the same for the last few rounds last year to shoot a bit more HFT, luckily I informed the hosting clubs I wasn't coming in plenty of time, unfortunately a lot don't bother

Under the new system you will have to book 6 weeks in advance so there will probably be less drop outs due to the above reasons, maybe the BFTA should combine the new system with your 5 system as it might weed out a few more drop outs.
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