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Originally Posted by Ian Harford View Post
Do we know why it's only 6 weeks in advance? I booked everything up front last year and it made it dead easy!

I can be a bit forgetful (busy with business & shooting during the summer) you see and dont want to miss out!
The whole pre-booking system is pants anyway Ian...did you manage to make all the GP's last year?

I wanted to shoot a few last year but was told i would have to risk a 4 hour round trip to find out whether i could shoot or not...ridiculous!!

This year i'm booking them all despite knowing that, due to work constraints, i might only make 50%....sounds harsh but that's the system the BFTA have decided on and i'd rather book over the top than risk missing out.

I think they should allow people to book for the whole series but then take a deposit, say 50% of the round cost...then if people can't make it they are more likely to say so before the shoot instead of not just turning up on the day. A window of say, 2 weeks before the shoot, any later and you forfeit your deposit.

Maybe you and i could make an agreement to send each other an email 6 weeks before each shoot as a reminder
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