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Originally Posted by blacklab View Post
I have a 12 ltr 300 bar bottle I had it filled and noticed after filling my gun a few times it was down on 200 bar, someone suggested I try a different dive centre, so off I and got it filled, got back home and I decanted from the 12 ltr to my 7 ltr and when I checked the gauge on the 7 ltr it read 250 bar are we being short changed on air or am I missing something
Try spending 12 for a 270 fill
I honestly think that dive centers see us as a pain in the harris and they can not be bothered with us.
They must make so much money off their dive buddies that they do not want our money for 5 mins of effort.
I would like to know what my dive shop charges his dive customers , I bet it's not 12.
The one thing to note is most Divers use 232bar so if they are filling your bottle from a reservoir then they may not be running it very high.
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