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Hi there,

I've got a FAC Grand Prix in .20 cal. Best thing about the gun is that stock. Absolutely brilliant design. Couldn't be more comfortable, IMO and the balance is perfect. I'm looking into modifying my GP stock it so my old MK3 will fit!

But my gun has had its share of problems. Its been back to the factory once, and that was a VERY painful 5 month round trip from here in the US... I've given up on the MVT function since I see much more consistent velocity strings while shooting the gun in MCT mode. And in MCT mode I don't have to waste the first 3 shots of every fill waiting for the gun to learn my velocity setting (this may not be an issue at 12fpe). And the gun still performs properly in MCT mode even when the chrono sensors fail (happened a few times now)...

Accuracy is good to great, but I still go with my steyr for FT competition...


Scott in CO

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