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Due to the relatively low number of entries & the fact we want to raise as much for the Poppy Fund as possible we are now going to allow competitors to pay on the day.

Individual entrants can enter by adding their names to the list below, Teams must be emailed to Sparky or myself on or before 7th July.

Individual Entry is 10 & 3 shooter teams are an extra 10

Alex Larkin
Andrew Dickson
Ben Sorrell
Bill Birch
Casey Handby
Chris Pantling
Clive Evans
Darrin Lynn
Dave Wheeler
David Crofts
David Nicholls
David Smith
Edward Marion
Edward Marrian
Ethan Pantling
Ewan Pantling
Gary Chillingworth
Geoff Ryder
Gordon Smith
Graham Cole
Greg Hensman (To Pay)
Grego Hensman (To Pay)
Ian Millward
Ian Sheppard
Jacob Pantling
Jason Ellis
Jean Greatrex
Jess Ellis
Joanne Cogger
Joff Haigh
John Ferrier
Karl Guest
Kathy Thompson
Katy Ellis
Kevin Brookes
Kieran Turner (To Pay)
Laura Dickson
Luke Wells
Mark Thompson
Mick Dakin
Mick McTighe
Mick Monaghan
Mike Averill
Mike Turner
Mitchel Brookes
Nev Baguley
Nick Parker
Perry Broad
Pete Dutton
Pete Richmond (To Pay)
Pete Sparkes
Peter Knight
Rhyley Minney
Romek Wilkes
Sarah Pantling
Simon Minney
Simon Vant
Steve Edmondson
Steve Handby
Steve Kill
Stuart Hancock
Thomas Ellis
Trevor Sorrell
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