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Not an expert me .mostly on EVs i have just listened to those who say they are an expert . i have an EV2 MK1 . it came with i am told the up graded reg ? it stays within 5 to ten FPS . it came with a MK4 barrel . very accurate BUT took more wind than i liked . asked about and was told the early MK1s came with a CZ barrel ( thus the brass fitting to get the transfer port aligned ) these barrels were twice the cost of the normal air arms barrels and i believe the same as the S200 rifles barrels . hammer forged . so i asked about and bought one . the accuracy at long range is the same as my MK4 barrel but the windage is better on a bad day . hope that is of some help ??? HOLLY

PS feel free to say i am wrong by the way .

PSS my CZ barrel is Black . not blued .
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