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Default Rapid Mk1 <target> BR or (h)FT?

Hi Guys,

Just re-registered for the forum again after being absent for 3yrs!

I was thinking about getting back into target shooting again with an air rifle, but didn't want to fork out loads for yet another air rifle. So i knew i had some spare rapids bits to make up trial 177 target style rapid...

I had an old mk 1 17/177 block that was good to go, but added a reg to ensure it was more consistent. I dug out an S-Type 19" barrel (from a mk2), which are generally considered good. I added a heavy weight SSS (Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks) laminate FT stock, a carbon Bowkett mod to keep the rapport down and 400cc bottle for plenty of shots in 177. Plus a s/s tray, which i thought would be useful to ensure feeding consistency. Once i pulled it together i was pleased with the results. And i was getting around +/- 3 to 5 fps variation over the Skan. So not bad i thought? (EDIT: well it was, but i appears that the probe needs to be adjusted, as there is air expelling from the breech area with each shot and the skan is now giving a lower and less consistent reading so back to the man cave to sort it out!)

Now i have to decide on scope... i initially mounted a Simmons Pro Air 6-18x40, because it was light weight and had 1/8moa target turrets, as i was itching to zero it. But its a duplex ret and thought mildot maybe more appropriate for knock down targets at different ranges. i certainly use mildot for quarry out in the field (FACair/22lr). But use duplex more on magnum rimfire or centre fire because of the flatter trajectory. However, now that i have pulled it together, i thought it maybe more appropriate for bench resting? I don't mind a bit of B/R, as i compete on a couple of 22lr postal leagues for 25yd, 50m and 100m. But i'll have to look into the ins and outs of air rifle BR, to see if the rig is up to it?

Pellet wise, i used FTTs to zero, and the grouping wasn't bad, but thought Premiers or Exacts maybe better - i don't know if anyone can recommend one for the barrel i have? Though, i have in the past always preferred Daystate heavies or bizmags. Not sure what the new trend is at the mo - probably what groups best in the rifle, but i always thought that heavier 177s performed better at longer ranges?

Regarding trigger, the Gamo unit is ok, but not amazing. A trigger shoe will help (now added), as it has on other mk1s that i have. However, a friend has recently just upgraded his gamo unit with a neat conversion that makes it light and also virtually a single stage trigger. Its a bit snappy at first, with not much give, but once you get use to it, its very crisp and predictable - so maybe i might give that a try...

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics and any thoughts/ tips would be appreciated...


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