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Originally Posted by GaryB View Post
Out of interest I've started looking at consistency of my FTP over the chrono ( I like to add doubt to everything I do )

From a 200 bar fill to it going off reg at 100 bar I got 128 good shots with a fps spread of 20 which I thought was good considering the volume of shots with a new tin of unweighed, unwashed pellets.

I guess my question is and everybody's experience will be different but what is deemed good and what is acceptable as fps spread and how many shots would you normally take as a reference as I'm pretty confident you'll not shoot a full string to check the rifles spread.

For instance if I pick three random 5 shot strings out of my full string I'd get 7fps spread on one, 14fps on next and finally 9fps on last

Just interested really and I know a few fps here and there is less important than technique, wind etc but curious ...

Seems about right for a standard ftp, on a 180 bar I could set mine to run 7 fps spread at 790, way to high for me tho, rather be at 780, gives you a bit more leeway on some poor chronos
I ended up suffering the 30 fps odd one and while I couldnt really notice indoor at 50 yds it got in my head that it was on its way out, so one reg and valve mod later seems a lot better, all my pellet testing is without weighing as I checked half a tin and thought I, d rather give up shooting than weigh any more , I do however soak in white spirit for a few days that seems to remove some weird yellow stuff then wash, and very sparingly lube, I dont care what anyone says lubing defo halves any group tests in both my rifles on any batch ive tested, be very aware standard ftps do suffer 20 fps swing between being cold and warm, this may influence your shot strings ,

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