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Il soon find out what it's like with the lower weight and short barrel, but compared to what I have been using hopefully this will be an improvement. Luckily it's all refitable back to stock should it be a donkey. .... well apart from barrel.

Having been shooting lots of tiny carbines, the flip issue can be dialed out . With my ev2 barreled bsa.the biggest single improvement was to fit an mpr air stripper. I guess the down venting slots helped steady the sight picture on releasing a shot. ?
In my experience it's also not just about the weight of the rig. That can be fairly low if some thought has gone into keeping the rig well balanced.

Your right about the walnut,it's generally much lighter than laminate comparitively.
Poplar is lighter still but, it's nowhere near as strong as walnut, I've used It extensively the last couple years and not a fan.
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