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Howdo . i couple of thoughts . i have been messing with a MK 1 EV2 . i choose that cos it is the cheapest and with the CZ barrel is probably the most accurate . i did not want to mess with the cylinder or barrel . so i decided to loose the weight from the stock . i shortened it at the front and chopped off the butt right back to the cheek piece adjusters and fitted a wegue butt pad . lighter / shorter . the snags then appeared . due to the reg pressure being higher on this rifle ( recomended i am told ) the barrel flipped , so you could not see the impact of the pellets , loss of information . the accuracy was still there but if you missed , problem . now i shoot FT ( badly ) so even with a big scope on top it was difficult to get the rifle to settle on the longer shots ( too light ) . better for kneelers and standers but there are a lot more sitters . when shot against my bull pup there was no contest the pup won hands down , weight , balance , sitters standers , kneelers all better with the pup . luck with it ??? HOLLY

PS i think a walnut stock would be lighter than a laminate stock , good looking as it is .
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