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Far Coley GP 5

I'm expecting a tough one here, I reckon we'll start at the pond, zig zag down the other side of the pond and then up woods to the bowl of doom before finishing in the open field.

The wind can be brutal here, often just enough to push you out if you man edge it. Shooting over the water is great fun tho but it does seem to drag your pellets down, my last shoot here was a nightmare as my scope got knocked and I was high and left, couldn't test it on the plinker because it was so windy in the field I was taking 80mm at 30yds!

Looking Forward to it mind, how the B and C graders do here could very well decide it but it's all still to play for. I really wanna stay in the top 10 in B personally and I've been shooting better.

I know the lads at ours have been planning the course for months and work started last Sunday so expect a "Massive" finish.
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