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I test at 45 yards to start with, of around 40 shots to lead the barrel up a bit & also to judge any wind etc. because what might be a so called still day might not be. then I fire a few 10 shot groups at 55 yards, if they work ok at that range for me I zero up the best I can at 35 yards.
however I do a bit more testing in some stronger wind has I have found out some batches like wind & some don't like you might know all ready.

I also did a few groups at 75 yards for fun & see what the rifle or I can do when my local range had that target. but its not there now, due to the club making another hft \ ft course that way.
My rifles are =
PCP: Steyr lg110 hft 2014, HW100 SK ( back up & rainy day rifle )
Springer's: HW77 ( 1980's version ), HW35 KLS.

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