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It's quite easy to use, but in most sitting positions I never touch it. I may move it for kneeling or standing, or extreme angled shots.

Comfort is quite important as is fit, and it can be helpful to find something adjustable to do that. There are other cheaper less quickly adjustable units out there though. And the shape of the fore-end itself may need fettling to suit. In addition it can't collapse lower than it's minimum depth, which may sound obvious but sometimes you want less.

It's not a must have item, as many an AA shooter demonstrates. I guess it depends on how flexible you are. It tends to be that less flexible older shooters have deeper/taller stocks... but that doesn't always equate to stability.

But the engineering seems pretty solid. I've had one on my springer for a while and have had no issues.

Might be worth taking some time and looking at the different options out there and see how they suit you.
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