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Hi vinny, currently yes only via Facebook purely as iam really not that good with computers and stuff. I have big plans but it's so far from my comfort zone it's taking a bit of time..
I can answer any questions by pm here though.

As an idea I've had an ev2 barrel at 13.5 inches for along time now on my last hft rig. It had a little flip. Nothing to really affect the accuracy.
Si then shortened the the stroke.upped the reg pressure and it smoothed off alot.
The best thing I did was fit a silencer! It killed the flip immediately, mabee it was the extra weight on the end of the barrel who knows but the sight picture was very still. And to be fair the triggers are cack on the bsa in comparison to the eV.that's the main reason I looked towards another rig.
If this reg fits the ftp,it surely will help alot of us with carbine and unusual builds to look after our own guns.
It was easy to fit. Just had to make some soft jaws out of a bit of scrap laminate. To remove the factory was dead tight.
Iam handy with the spanners, but iam not the most refined....

The reason I started building stocks was also in the pursuit of accuracy. I had a few awesome actions but all the stocks looked nice, but didn't fit as they ought or offer anything to help improve my accuracy. I had many topend stocks but none of them did it for me.
Even Simons last ginb was mine. I Had it made. Liked good on paper but just didn't suit. So i do things differently now.......
Fancy a custom stock? Drop me a line.
Tilly's gun stocks
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