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Default Carbine ev2 . My project so far a little update.

Alot of guys have shown intrest recently in lightening the ev2, I guess It becomes quite unwieldy in ft format with a huge scope and all the add ons.
I'm building this one as my new hft rig.
There's a few things I've picked up along the way that may be helpful. ...
I've always entrusted my tame gunsmith(tench), with my toys but seeing as we're are about 4.5 hours away from each other ,i though it best that I build the gun to be as easily serviced and looked after with only basic tools and even more basic knowledge.

The first step was to fit an s400 carbine cylinder (straight swap)
Swapped out the tbar fill valve for foster qf fitting .
The barrel is going to be shortened to around the 14" mark.
I wanted to keep to a laminate stock so removed a fair bit of wood from inside the inlet .the cheek posts are titanium . I have previously used carbon ,so it's a bit of an experiment .
The biggest hurdle for me was going to be the standard regulator. Increasing the pressure a bit ,for the shorter barrel I certainly couldn't do.
As it happens huma have just released an ev2 specific reg. These are very easily adjusted for output pressure and have proven to be pretty good for the money. So I've got one of the first.
I had too lose the gauge and spirit level but that's really not a problem. Also shaves a tad off the weight.
Il be honest I'd have prefered one of Simons regs as I've had such good performance from them from the very early days, but weel see how this one goes.
It's nowhere near finished as yet and will likely be along time in the making . Once the barrel is back I will. Weigh it all up,but it certainly feels good and alot lighter so far.
Cheers guys!
Fancy a custom stock? Drop me a line.
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