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Originally Posted by Mordorf View Post
I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding floating the barrel of my FTP900.
It's fairly new, had it about 3 months now so still in warranty.

I'm thinking of floating the barrel but as there has been a lot of problems with the FTP900's which need sending back to factory I am worried about invalidating the warranty. I've not had any issues with my particular one yet but many that I have spoken too said they had with theirs.

Presumably if I did have a problem I could just put it all back together as it was originally but could they tell this if I had to send it back? I am of course presuming you can just put it back together again. Looking at the youtube videos I would think you can without any problems.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I would suggest trying to rotate both halves of the shroud between thumb and forefinger , if these are relatively loose and your happy with the weight and look leave alone , if they are very tight then you may experience some problems , as for removing and refitting, it couldn't be easier , DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE GRUB SCREW IN THE STRIPPER it will throw a burr and you will be in all sorts of problems , there is a dimple in the barrel and this is where it fits

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