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I shot mine for a few months before making any changes just to make sure it was a nice gun, which it is - amazing. At that point I floated the barrel and have since made some other changes.


I've NEVER had any accuracy issues with mine in standard form which is one reason early users of FTP wanted to float the barrel. Looks wise I had a Rowan set up and yea that is miles better looking in my opinion. Weight wise try and shoot somebodies which has been modified, it's very different and some like it others don't. My latest set up changes the weight and balance back to how it felt from the factory (I now have titanium cylinder and shroud) which feels better for me but just looks more bling.

I guess what I'm saying is I've spent a lot of money to end up with something different yet feels and shoots factory (in a very good way). If I had my time again I'd not do the same. What I have now is great BUT the cost for it's benefits are not really worth it.

Hope my ramblings make some sort of sense

Air Arms FTP900
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