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Default HFT Masters Cloybank Results

HFT Masters Cloybank results

1John Cooper1O59
2Nick Hopkinson1O58
3Greg Morss1O58
4Dave Ramshead1O58
5Alex Honeywell1O57
6Roger Lait1O57
7Justin Grice1O57
8Richard Woods1O57
9George Ross1O56
10Kevin Brooks1O56
11Daz Taylor1O56
12Grant Thomson1O56
13Bevan Quinn2O56
14James McLachlan1O55
15David Carter1O55
16Jennie Stone1O55
17Steven Kerr1O54
18Phil Godwin1O54
19Kyle Hampton1R54
20Karl Guest1O54
21Paul Taylor1O54
22Gordon Burns1O54
23Ray Hampton1O54
24Brennan Somers1O54
25Simon Vant1O54
26Jim Cavanagh2O53
27Dave Taylor1O53
28James Hesson1O53
29Pete Muir2O53
30Graham Cole1V53
31Neil Patton2O53
32Alex Lindsey1O52
33Jess Ellis2J52
34Connor McSherry2J52
35Nick Parker1O52
36Ian Munro1O52
37Kenny Weddell1O52
38Pamela Barclay2L52
39Bob Somers1V51
40Bill Birch1O51
41Billy Hutton1V51
42Lee McNab1O51
43Graeme Ross1O50
44Dominic Taylor1O50
45Dave Welham1V50
46Chris Brunton2O50
47Brian Connelly2R50
48David Tollan2.2250
49Graham Livingston1V50
50Ivan Smith2O50
51Martin Armstrong2O49
52Alexander Bird2O49
53Jennifer Allan1L49
54Susan King2L49
55Jason Ellis2O49
56Ian Thomson2O49
57Bert Tate2V48
58Scott Lindsay2O48
59Karen McFarlane2L48
60Gary Kerr2O48
61Jim Nelson2R47
62Mark Lyon2O47
63Jake Day1R47
64Neil Ross2J46
65David Burns2O46
66Kenny Buchan2O46
67Dale Harris1R46
68Fiona Fleming2L46
69Stephanie McColl2L45
70Fred Fordyce2V45
71Graham Webster2O44
72Steve McFarlane2O44
73George Crawford2R44
74Gregor Amos2J44
75Stuart Smart2R43
76Ron Male2V43
77Alan McDowall2.2243
78Mike Everson2V42
79Zac Hunter2O41
80James Fermer2O41
81John Kelly2O41
82Tony Dobbie2O41
83Martin Morrison2O40
84Tommy Flemming2O40
85David Scott2O40
86Dan O'Donnell2J38
87Beth Johnston2L38
88Mandy Flemming2L38
89Mark McColl2.2238
90Lisa Ridley2L38
91Joanne Donlevy2L36
92Kathleen Male2L36
93Jules Stoddart2L33
94Kieran White2O33
95Gary Green2R33
96Alex Stoddart2R32
97Stuart McColl2O32
98Peter Lowe2.2231
99Andy McFarlane2R31
100Fraser Hanson2R29
101John Moore2.2229
102Yvonne Dobbie2L25
103John Pearson2O25
104Mick Boswell1ODNF
105Duncan Cameron2ODNF

Any mistakes/omissions are mine and mine alone.
Apologies for any incorrect spelling, please pm to let me know.

Prize Draw

Sportsmatch Mounts - Jim Cavannah
Jack Pyke Suit - Tony Dobbie
100 Airgun Centre Voucher - Kenny Buchan
Hawke Vantage Scope - Lisa Ridley
100 Best Fittings Voucher - Jennie Stone

200 Cash - Kathleen Male
100 Cash - Beth Johnston
100 Cash - Greg Morss
50 Cash - Nick Parker
50 Cash - Joanne Donlevy

I would just like to add a massive thanks to Kenny, Connor, Justin, and Brigitte for all of your help making this what is was.

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