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Originally Posted by Weevie View Post
Yeah and a golden fleece to go with it too!

Just looked on and .com and neither have any Nikko Super Snipers (which is the mythical scope Sam Vimes is talking about ).

Neither can I find the Tasco branded version either!

Luger I'd say that the EB Sniper is the only version of this scope that you're likely to find anytime soon unless you get very lucky.

The problem you really have is that different scopes suit different eyes. Some people swear by the EB Sniper, other equally good shooters swear at them.

I've got an EB and whilst I really like it, my scores would suggest I'm not the person to advise.

One option would be to wait until you're at the Worlds and ask your fellow HFT'ers if you can have a look through their scopes. It's always better to take a look through scopes that are mounted, you get a better idea of what the experience of actually using a particular scope will be like.

At that point you can wander round the trade stalls and see what's on offer. Maybe you find a bargain (or then again...)
Got it in one Tried everything from Leups to Hawkes, different eye's suit different scopes at the end of the day its what suits you
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