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well as of this afternoon i have gone back to AA Fields 4.52mm.

tried setting my dialling in marks on my turret and couldnt get a decent grouping after my barrel was cleaned and leaded in so i opened the AA Fields i acquired from a good mate that i inspected last night(86 duff out of 500 isnt bad),focussed in at 35yard,aimed at 1 mark on the 35 yard ranging/zero plate and get pellet mark on pellet mark for the 1st 5 aa fields fired so i got all my marks sorted after rezeroing.

I then put the next few pellets through a .5'' hole on the 55 yard ranging plate...gave my mate the bad superfields and told him not to mix them up with his,ok for leading his barrel up at some point.

The batch info of these AA's is 02 7.7..2009 4.52mm S6 03
AA EV2 mk2,Big Nikko mk1 NATO.

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