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Originally Posted by LAity View Post
Evening all

Have chatted to Ian this eve and he has said that there will be a band playing at the Cloybank club Saturday evening , Its a bring own beer type place but I reckon could be good fun ? I hear there are going to be a good few going as there are a loads of people camping up there and I rather fancy going along for a laugh .
So who is up for a bit of that ? I reckon I can get a few going along , be nice to put names to faces ? Would be nice here a live band and maybe some Proclaimers songs I think we are getting there about 5.00pm and then shower and straight to Clloybank for a night of fun !!!

Anyone up for that ?


you havent heard the band

OTHER NEWS. There will be a 14 target practice HFT course out on Friday and Saturday and the normal range will still be open. The practice HFT course is available on shoot day if you come early enough or are in the pm session. The range will be opened specially for anyone who wants to shoot late on the Saturday if you arent all getting pished in the cafe with the band. Anyone shooting on the range or the practice HFT course on the Saturday may do so FREE, courtesy of Cloybank Phoenix APRC. Active targets will be onsite to demonstrate their electronic duelling systems and other targets and you can all have a play with those too. Trout fishery and golf greens and short play area are also available. We are building a temporary road onto our driving range for the campers which will allow you a short staggering distance from the cafe on Saturday night.

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