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100% agree with the following .... will also single out and include Gary Chillingworth for his contributions:

Originally Posted by saddler View Post
I think Andy's videos are superb. I'm also very impressed by Steve's twangcam and the effort Martin puts in to PoP, along with the pictures James, Simon and others regularly upload in order to record the events for posterity.
Can't believe how quickly videos/photos/reports (and scores) are shared with us all either (hours rather than days)!

From a personal perspective I really enjoyed the GP4 additions / collections! Having shot at Quarry fairly regularly over the last 8 or so years, the aerial views alone were great to see THANK YOU.

Together with the other photos and POP they really illustrate how much time, thought and effort went into this GP.

Well done Berty & Co., very impressive.

I've only shoot from atop the Quarry face on a handful of occasions over the years, once is enough (although I can't help thinking how much more enjoyable it would've been to have held this round in Oct-Nov, in strong winds and rain)!

Well done all ! And congrats to the 'Welsh Open Champion" Jack Harris.

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