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Originally Posted by tugg View Post
I shot my ftp over the chrono yesterday and its shocking , mostly 785 but occasionally the odd high or low one then will shoot about 3 shots 70fps lower then back to normal , I thought my chrono must of been playing up so tried my tm 1000 and it was fine, funny thing is I havn't noticed any loss in accuracy , maybe because around 175bar on the fill its a bit more stable . will check again when I get the chance.
I had this problem before but thought I'd fixed it , wasn't sure if my muzzle break was giving false readings as the accuracy doesn't seem that effected, usually even with 15fps I'll notice a very slight drop at 45 yds
Mine seems to have settled down now and is respectable at last, hovering around 773 to 782fps over 40.
Last competition chrono checks were779,780, and 781.Glad their not 'hot' or very 'cold', at last! .
Tugg give Dave Welham a bell,might be interesting.
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